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Wholesale Products

We specialize in all types of Peruvian foods and superfoods, brought from the oceans, the coasts, the highlands, and the jungles of our great country. If you require any other food or superfood that are not currently listed for exportation, please contact us for a special quotation.

White quinoa

Red quinoa

Black quinoa

Black chía seeds

White chía seeds

Yellow maca flour

Red maca flour

Black maca flour

Lúcuma flour

Chulpi corn

Purple corn

Moringa flour

Branded Products

Through our brand, De La Sierra, we have sold our products in the American and Euroasiatic Continents. If you wish to partner with us in the distribution of our products in your region, contact us!

Quinua White

Quinua red

Quinua black

Chía seeds

Chía white

Lúcuma powder

Maca Yellow

Who are we?

De La Sierra Natural Goods is a brand of Peruvian superfoods owned by Corporación Kajatt Vaccari, a holding group of companies with investments in diverse economic sectors of the Peruvian economy. With the backing of its sister companies, De La Sierra gives to its worldwide business partners a security that only working with a solid economic group provides.
We invite you to contact us!

  • High Quality Products
  • Honest Interactions
  • Long-term Partnership
  • Opportunity for Growth

What is De La Sierra?

We explore the Peruvian territories to find the greatest of gifts: De La Sierra natural goods are a combination of ancient human creativity and nature’s biodiversity.

Our Mission

Is to explore the vast oceans, arid coasts, high mountains, and deep jungles of Peru to find and deliver the best superfoods there are.

Our Vision

Is a world where all peoples enjoy the health benefits and the richness the Peruvian biodiversity has to offer to us all.

Our Values

Define how we work on our mission day by day. With excellence, dedication, care, and creativity, we strive to make our vision a reality.

Our Commitment

Is to the farmers who keep these ancient crops alive, to the collaborators whose work move us forward, and to all consumers who give us their trust.

Let us do Business!

We are actively seeking for business partners around the world. As a corporation we have established permanent representations transnationally in our effort to distribute our goods worldwide. Contact us through this form or write to us through WhatsApp to start our partnership!
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